Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Event

Another Sunday, another Volkswagen event. This one was a good hundred miles away; and if you think O pish, tosh! That's not far at all! do please keep in mind we went in the old raggedy Bus. It was a loooooong trip, let me assure you.

But at least it wasn't making that grindy noise in the back any more, as Tara finally got around to replacing the (other) back bearings; and it's true, the thing both got us there, and back again, which is never to be taken for granted with an old air-cooled Volkswagen.

So we got there, to a little hall named after (in a style reminiscent of Red Green) the majestic moose, and drove around back, where we set up in the right field position of their little baseball diamond. And then we started hauling out the boxes of junk, I mean, shit, I mean, old original German Volkswagen parts; and once again, even though it was not exactly a huge affair, the people there swarmed over and started throwing money at Tara.

I don't know how this can continue to be happening, but it is.

Here's the spread:

Picture by Tara.

Even Tara was surprised that though people are certainly buying stuff, the amount we bring never seems to go down all that much; and I think she may finally be getting it through her head that there's way, way more of this stuff than she thinks there is.

I didn't get to look around much, though really that's fine with me, as I don't particularly care about old Volkswagens (well, okay, that's a bit of a euphemism: I outright hate the things), but I did manage to take a walk around. As I cut through by one Camper, with two hipstery sorts sitting under an awning, one of them noticed my Monkees shirt and commented that he liked them. Then he said, 'I miss Davy.'

'I don't,' I grumbled. I may be the curmudgeonly type, which will incidentally explain this next bit.

'Why?' he said, as if I just said I hated puppies. Well, I suppose I did.

'I'm a Mike fan,' I said, and kept walking.

All in all, though, smallish event or not, we did, as usual, pretty well, certainly enough to make it worthwhile. And, as usual, we got plenty of bites about parts people want that we didn't bring; but I think the important lesson Tara learned is that there are, after all, some things people just don't want. And that means that those things can just get thrown away. Hurrah!

It only went till three-ish, this event; the second the raffle was over people started driving off. So we packed up and started the long journey back.

This time it was me who was feeling poorly after we returned. It was I think a combination of not enough sleep, too much sun, not enough water, too much fast food, and too much noise on the ride back, the kind that really wears on you; I ended up collapsing into bed in the early evening, which is saying something because I never take naps. Well, it would have been a nap, except Maurice the Cat was just so happy he took to chewing on my bare toes, which, while cute in the abstract, is really not, after all, conducive to sleep. But after lying there a bit and sipping as much water as I could, the balance of my humours was restored and I was back to normal.

There are more events coming up, of course, though the really big air-cooled Volkswagen show happens the same weekend as the Citro├źn thing, so we can't make that one; but now that the season is here, we're going to try to hit as many of these as we can.

What fun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yeah Yeah More Iron

So off we went today on another, guess what, iron run. This time the bulk of the load was some rolled-up chainlink fence, which, let me tell you, is nasty stuff to attempt to muscle around, since it has pointy bits pretty much everywhere.

We had planned on also muscling an old Triumph engine into the back, but it actually proved too heavy. Tara is going to take a wrench (or perhaps a sledgehammer and Sawzall) to it and see if she can break it down into smaller pieces. And that'll make the beginning of the next iron run.

Mostly though we took a little bit from here and a little bit from there; so there aren't any dramatic befores and afters to show, I'm afraid. Here's Larry:

We also threw some 'precious' metals in there, including some old VW generators, which I'm quite sure we have many more of, somewhere behind some stuff somewhere.

When we got to the smelter where the 'precious' metals go, what was there up on top of the computer-thing but a decent size statue of the Hindu God Shiva, in that dancing-on-a-dwarf-surrounded-by-a-ring-of-fire pose. Probably bronze, that someone wanted to recycle, but the kid picked it out. He knew what it was, too, and said that a couple people had already tried to buy it, but he'd refused.

So anyway. The total weight for the iron today was on the low side, because we'd been expecting to have that engine in there as well; but the price was actually pretty good. Usually it runs about two hundred dollars a ton, but our five hundred and eighty pounds brought in seventy-five and change, which puts it at what, oh let me work that out, hang on, about two sixty a ton. Not bad. Might not be a bad idea to do some more iron runs soon. Because there is of course more.

Tara actually was wondering if we might top twenty-five tons of iron by the time we're through here. I don't know; probably. I can't imagine being through though, personally; it's such an alien concept in some ways.

So, then. That brings our totals up to 37,220 pounds, or 18.61 tons of iron removed from this poor hoarded property, and our forty-fourth trip to that scrapyard. And yes, there's oh wait I just said that. Well, you know.