Friday, July 3, 2015


I have been remiss, it's true, so let's start this with a Ratty pic as a bit of an apology (or misdirection):

Well, a picture of Ratty's nose, I should say.

I suppose there hasn't really been anything to report recently. We haven't done much with the cleaning up the yard project, well, except for various yard work of the clearing-brush-and-picking-up-sticks variety, which as far as I'm concerned is perfectly normal stuff and not really worth reporting because it isn't hoard-related.

And while the inside of some buildings are still pretty full and will need to be gone through and cleaned up, the outside spaces are mostly good. There are some stubborn spots that we've been procrastinating about, it's true, like the back side of the shed and the junk around the big rock by the shop. We've lost a bit of steam I guess, but you know, this whole hoard thing is really very tiring. There have been other things to do, like acquire poison ivy while weeding the garden or yell Why is no one kissing Jane??? at the TV while bingeing on Mentalist reruns.

There was an iron run waaaay back in (goodness!) September, hang on let me scare up those pictures that've been sitting on my desktop since forever:

Unfortunately I seem to have lost the receipts for that trip, but it was pretty much average, with some precious metals thrown in (shown in the bottom picture). Maybe there was a bit of aluminum in there? Who can even tell anymore? Not me.

We also haven't done any Volkswagen shows, mainly because the super local one in the early spring had both the date and the location swapped so it was both quite a bit further away and on a weekend we had a conflict. For some reason there don't seem to be any other local ones until the one in October, which is kind of a shame because I for one could use the cash.

So, today's iron run wasn't anything spectacular (they rarely are, to be honest); Tara did manage to scare up some stuff from the inside of the shop in her brief foray in there. Hopefully that means that's next on the list. Though personally I'd like to see the garage cleaned out so I can convert it into a wood shop. There's lots of natural light in there, though there may not be electricity out there. I have it in my head that there was, once (after all my father used it as a working garage, well, until he filled it up and built himself the shop) but it was removed, I've no idea why. Right now the lights in there are run off extension cords.

The Bus went and did not quit on us, which I suppose sounds pretty unspectacular but believe me that should not be taken for granted; when we got to the scrapyard it was rather busy and we had to wait for a very large truck to get out of the way.

Today's load was rather on the light side, which is fine, but we were rather disappointed to find it netted us very little cash, because apparently the price of iron is quite low right now, barely enough for our usual stop at the burger joint. Oh well. The stuff is gone, and that's a good thing.

So today's total was 480 pounds; I don't know what the September load was (since I've misplaced the receipts) but I'm going to guess it was about the same, so I'll say another 480 pounds. So those together gets us to 46,440 pounds of iron removed from the property (that's 23.22 tons), and the sixty-first trip to the scrapyard.