Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Iron Run

Well, the decent (-ish, I suppose, meaning, cold but sunny) weather has inspired us to start back in on the yard these last couple of days. Now, I know, March in New England isn't exactly spring; hell, April in New England hardly qualifies some years. One year not too long ago I found myself heeling a bunch of bare-root roses into my dormant veggie garden the day after St. Patrick's Day (or the day after Liberalia for all you Roman Reconstructionists out there); of course first I had to shovel eight inches of snow out of the way. Why I've even seen snow on the lilac blooms, though that was rather a long time ago. So, I know to make no assumptions.

So, besides Tara burning a bunch of junk wood and brush, we managed to gather up another load of iron for a scrap run today, most of it coming from a rusty old rusted trailer that Tara improbably hacked up with her trusty Sawzall. (Don't worry, this is Massachusetts; she has insurance.) Here's the obligatory load of junk in Larry the Volvo picture:

You know, you'd think these would get old. But they don't. Well, not for me, anyway. I suppose it's because it is solid proof of progress 'round here.

So, the total today was another 740 pounds of scrap iron; that brings the overall total up to an even 27,000 pounds (13.5 tons) of iron removed since we've been keeping track (which is coming up on three years), and marks the thirty-first trip to the scrapyard.

Tara is beginning to wonder, but since to me the place doesn't really look all that different I'm quite sure that yes, there is still more. Of course.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to our "local" scrap metal place twice in my homeowner years. First time, with lots of aluminum door and window frames. Netted us enough money to go away for a three day weekend with three small kids (who stayed and ate at the hotel for free). Second time, an old mower and some other loose pieces we were holding onto for just such a run. Bought me a tank of gas.

I can only assume :) that the scrap guy sees you coming a just cracks a huge smile. I can't remember if you ever said what you are doing with the funds you get...if you have, can you please mention it again? thanks

a reader from the chicago area who is rooting you two on!!!