Friday, July 1, 2011


Remember how just last night I idly wondered,

...hopefully then that means that stockade fence will also come down soon, and the whole thing can start to get mowed and added to the yard.

Well. Last night when I talked to Tara she mentioned she might come by today; lo and behold there she was this afternoon, with that selfsame stockade fence dead in her sights. Well, she was here for that and for gathering up some more rusty hunks of rusty rust for another iron run sometime probably next week. I mean, duh.

So she started banging away at the fence pieces, and hacking off the weeds and overgrowth with the manual weedwhacker (basically this blade-ish thing on the end of a stick), and yanking up the posts all by herself, and filling in some holes and smoothing things out, and getting the ubiquitous pile of rusty iron out of there for the above-mentioned scrap run, and moving some rotten lumber into the 'fill' pile (or the 'to be burned later' pile) nearby. I don't know whether to credit the energy drink(s) or if it's some kind of working-out-of-issues thing, but hey; and all the while she was being watched by this little guy:

Though he's only eight weeks on this Earth, little Aleister Meowley instinctively knows to give Tara a very wide berth when she's 'working.' Smart guy.

After clearing most of that out, even though the afternoon was wearing on, she then set her sights on an old dead birdcherry tree nearby, one of several in the yard that will need to come down.

Alas, energy drink(s) and repressed anger were not enough in this case. Because it turns out that our little electric chainsaw just couldn't handle the pressure here at the Best Little Hoardhouse in Massachusetts, and after getting about halfway through the hardwood trunk, well, let's just say the poor little thing died a noble, if really stinky, death:

But she didn't let that stop her, and so instead turned her sights to mowing the lawn, while I took the kitten safely inside to 'help' me with the dishes; and even though the area where the Saab corral was was mostly jewelweed or goldenrod or brambles and not in actual point of fact grass, still, once mowed and somewhat evened out it looked a lot better. Like, holy cow. Here are some befores and afters, so you can get the gist.

The before from the north, taken just a day or so ago, after we got the convertible Saabs out:

And the after:

The before, from a better angle:

And the after:

And here's a shot taken from near the property line on the north edge, looking towards the shed:

Look at all that lovely expanse of lawn, or soon-to-be lawn. Very nice. It will need a bit more smoothing out, as there are some ruts and low spots, but still. Aside from Caroline the blue Saab and the stack of fence pieces, both of which won't stay here, you'd never know there was a little mini-junkyard of cars there just the other day. Sweet.

The goal now is to get those fenders and stuff to the left of the shed above junked or consolidated/put away, so that Tara can then mow all the way around that building, which, we were realizing, is something we've never seen done here.

Nice bit of progress, isn't it?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Holy moly, that patch of yard looks positively MANICURED! I used one of those manual whipper blades when I was a kid -- they're an old-fashioned tool called "grass whips." I rubbed all the skin off one of my palms while using it -- ouch! That's why its name is seared into my memory.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Let there be earth!

And Aleister is satisfactorily cute. As in, extremely outrageously cute.

Tara said...

I made the analogy to uncovering part of the yard one that some of you youngins might understand..

It's like when you're playing a video game, - you've explored the entire world, but then you do a certain amount of missions, and it uncovers a whole new unexplored area! It's just like that!

Well, unexplored from the point of view of the lawnmower, which keeps expanding it's territory like manifest destiny..

Next up is to finish with those trees and consolidate some of that junk, as well as take the other convertible Saab away (it was actually deemed to be less than hopeless, but it's still going to live somewhere else..)

Anonymous said...

yow zah look at all that yard space!! how marvelous for you two!!! amazing what the removal of (you insert number of cars here) will do to a place!!

Now. don't go dislocating shoulders patting yourselves on the back!!!

a reader from the chicago area

Rosa said...

It's beautiful!

Sidney said...

I cannot get over that clever name.

Nice work, ladies!

Anonymous said...

You ladies and all you've accomplished are amazing. You're cats are adorable, especially Aleister. :)

Tracy said...

Wow. I install auto glass 6 days a week for the last 3 years and I'm proud of how un-girly my hands look. I'm never going to have those flappy looking under arms - pulling a cold knife thru urathane sees to that. I never wanted "nice" nails anyway and it's fun to get insulted by the old guys who have to make a point of coming up and saying "I neva seen a lady do a windshield before". But Tara, u got me beat and u should be proud. I know your sister is.