Thursday, August 4, 2011


So. About those kittens.

We've brought them inside for now, with the intent of giving them up for adoption later. Unfortunately there are only seven of them now, as sweet Morris Minor was killed, probably by a coyote. I hadn't thought they were in that kind of danger, but I was wrong. He was a real sweetie, and so very friendly. Poor guy.

Not that any of this is much to do with the hoarding situation here, though I suppose the whole junk car thing and the open shed means the local feral cats can find plenty of shelter here.

But I thought y'all might like to see some pictures of them. Because, I mean, really: kittens!!

First of course is good old Aleister Meowley, who is at a very handsome thirteen weeks old:

It's that built-in eyeliner. It's irresistible.

Then there is Splotch's batch, the three that are left. They are around nine weeks old. These are the ones who were born in the back seat of an MG Midget and are named after cars. There is Austin (pardon the blurriness of that image; he simply would not sit still):

And Healey (what a face!):

And her sister Spridget, with her little Girl Hitler moustache:

The lady at the shelter marked them all down as long-haired when I took them in last week to get them de-wormed and de-fleaed. I can never tell when they are little, but I'll take her word for it.

Then there is Smudge's set, who are just six weeks old today, which in my fairly extensive experience with kittens is when they hit the absolute pinnacle of adorability. This first one has been dubbed Dennis the Third, as we have in the past had two solid yellow cats named Dennis (the Menace, of course). But while he certainly fits the pattern I'm thinking maybe his name is really Danny Lion. My mother, just last night, announced that she had fallen in love with him and didn't want to give him up. So he may be staying too.

Then there's his brother. Poor thing; when he was a few weeks younger he had a terrible raging eye infection, enough so that his eyes were glued shut and rather swollen. I got them open, but (and I recommend you avert your eyes NOW if you don't want to be grossed out), they were filled with either pus or mucus which just oozed and oozed. But I got them clean, and kept them clean, and he's since had antibiotics. He's still a bit sniffly, but is much much better (and not blind, which can happen when the infections are that bad, so I hear). His name is probably officially Maurice, in memory of Morris Minor, but the nickname he's ended up with is of course Snotty.

And then there's the last one, the little grey one who had the nasty cuterebra parasites. The one I bottle-fed for a week and a half or so. The one I thought was a girl. It's still remarkably enough a little hard to tell; I think that's a little knob of something under its butt-hole, but I could be wrong. I would not be surprised if it's a little delayed compared to its brothers. It is an odd one, that's for sure. Not, mind you that it's, well, slow, or anything, as it's healthy and running around and playing and all just like everyone else, but, well. It just has this way of looking at you all wobbly. Maybe the wounds on its neck have made the muscles there a little weak for the time being, I don't know.

It still doesn't have a name. It's gone through some nicknames, sure, mostly to do with its oddness. Stuff like Sticky, Icky, Stinky, when it was completely covered in formula; but even since I gave it a good bath with baby shampoo it just doesn't look quite right. We've also been calling it Twitchy and Tweaky, as well as Sméagol, but the current name it's got is Ratty. I mean, look:

It's better than it was, certainly. At least it looks kind of like a kitten now.

Which isn't to say it isn't a sweetie, of course. When you pick it up it instantly purrs like crazy and then starts rolling around in pure delight, all while looking at you adoringly. Or, well, at least it does that for me, but then I bottle fed it.

And not like it isn't here to stay, rattiness or not. I do hope it's just an Ugly Duckling phase, though. Cause, man. Look at that thing!


Anonymous said...

OK can I say the last one is the cutest one!!!!!!!

Thalia said...

Yeah, the difference between cute and pathetic can be a fine line. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They are all too adorable for words, especially Ratty Rat Rat!

Rosa said...

There's nothing as lovey or as dumb as a bottlefed kitten. Mine just turned 19 and still needs her face washed by humans.

So adorable, I hope they find good homes!

Brandi said...

Those are some cutie pies!!!

As for Snotty, I know a woman who nicknamed her son booger becase he was so snotty as a baby! So it's not too uncommon to come by a name due to ookiness issues.

Tonia said...

My newest is Simon, which (besides being a fine name) is short for Snot Monster, which he is and may always be. Long my all the kittens reign!

Sidney said...

Hide them. I'm coming to eat them. They are so cute!

Evn said...

I literally teared up when I saw the pic of Ratty. (The cute, it burns!) I predict she/he/that one turns out to be the coolest of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

I think the one you called Smeagol, among other things,you should christen Precious. Wickedly adorable.


Delphi said...

Dear Lord, I needed those pictures! They simply are adorable. And yes, little Ratty will be smokin hot with his/her catitude. Wish I could say, I'll be by with the carriers. They truly know how to ,ove us crazy humans. Bless you.

Anonymous said...