Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kitten Addendum

Just as an update on what-all is happening/has happened to the older kittens around here:

Healey and Spridget went off to the shelter, finally; I don't know how quickly they were adopted but I'm quite sure they've found lovely homes by now. Tara took Austin, so I get to see him here and there still. When she brought him to her house he was (of course) all wigged out being in a different place; but one of her other cats, a real sweetie named Xander, pestered her and pestered her to let him in to Austin's room, so, after some thought, she did.

Austin immediately came out of hiding, tail up, and proceeded to fall in love with Xander, and Xander with him; since then they've been fast friends, and Austin is doing quite all right.

The other four, well, I'm keeping them myself. There are various reasons, some of which are rather long stories all on their own, but as the house is big enough, we'll do all right. I do figure it is in part my responsibility to take them in if I at all can, since they come from my yard; the fewer going into the overburdened shelter system the better chances other kittens (and cats) have.

Would you believe this:

That grey and white cat on the left bottom is Aleister Meowley, who has already been neutered, yay. The top yellow kitten is Danny Lyon, who, let it be said, purred all the way through his last vet appointment. Well, almost all the way through; they did take his temperature after all. But for the rest of it there he was standing on the exam table purring up a storm. (And no, it wasn't that scared purr cats sometimes make, though I've never heard it. The vet himself said, his eyebrows raised, 'No, that's a happy kitten purr.') I'm surprised I made it home with him; the vet techs were so in love it's a wonder they didn't try to sneak him out the back.

The next one down is the Kitten Formerly Known As Snotty, now thankfully just Maurice.

And that grey one on the right? That handsome, handsome grey and white kitten with the green eyes? That, my friends, is Ratty.

I guess it was just an Ugly Duckling phase after all.


The Writing Goddess said...

Such cuteness! I do like cats, but if there was a way to freeze 'em at kittenhood without harming them, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Adorable! And I'm sure that Snotty appreciates his name change to Maurice, especially if it has a French pronunciation.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I haven't visited for awhile so I need to play catch up. I like the kitten angle and great that something nice has come from the yard.

Misty Boston said...


These babies are tooooooo cute!!!

I want to cuddle too! ;)

Misty Boston said...

omg... so I'm now reading your previous entries (I go backwards eh?) and saw the pictures of these kittens when they were all scragly and in need of your love!
wow, what BEAUTS they have become!!!!