Sunday, November 6, 2011

Interview Up

Also, I have apparently been completely out to lunch for the last couple of weeks: the Writing Goddess over at OCPD - Scattered Thoughts from the Front Lines has an interview with me up over there. I mean it's not like I didn't know I'd been interviewed, I just hadn't realized she'd posted it. I have been totally out to lunch.

Warning: there is rather a lot of honesty involved.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


Nancy said...

I have tremendously enjoyed your interview and your blog. I did not grow up in a hoarded home, yet I find myself fascinated by the Hoarders tv shows and blogs like yours. I finally put my finger on it. Although not a hoarder, my father is a narcissist and his crazymaking is very similar. I realized I watched the shows and related to the children continually telling their parents how they feel, that they are upset, and it having absolutely no impact on the parents behaviour. You are helping many children of these types of parents by helping them see the dysfunction. I'm with you on the rage thing!

The Writing Goddess said...

Thalia - dear woman, I did everything but send up a smoke signal to you.

You are and were an incredible brave and amazing soul, and I feel honored that you were willing to share with such raw honesty and courage. Thank you.

Rosa said...

I already said over there, but I loved these.

Kris said...

Loved the interviews. I didn't grow up in a hoard, I grew up in the opposite of one, a museum. My mother who is probably BPD/NPD has some OCPD tendencies and I can relate to much of the stories here about control and rules and the illogical-bent to it all. My mother's museum living conditions were likely a retort to her parent's hoarding tendencies. The odd thing is her relatives of the same age also live in these museums. Everything is 'just so' and you can't tell people live there. Not a book or shoe out of place. This type of living is also incredibly invalidating because the message is the same - you (kids) don't belong in my (MY!!) space. I totally get the rage. Totally.

Sidney said...

TWG rocks in SO many supportive ways!!! This an amazing triumvirate.