Saturday, December 3, 2011


I wasn't honestly sure I'd ever see this day. It was just too impossible, too far-fetched, too dreamlike. But remember: with Rusty, all things are possible.

For today was the day the Triumph TR3A, that poor sorry beat-up dry-rotted bondoed mess of a British car that has been hanging out in the upstairs garage since Time Immemorial (or at least since the late 80s), went away. And not only did it go away, someone actually gave us a pile of cash to take it away. That's right; the guy paid us money for it and brought his own trailer. (Well, his buddy's trailer).

Do you believe this? Here it is, out in the sunshine, something it hasn't seen in oh thirty years:

Ostensibly the guy is going to fix it up. Though frankly I've heard that one before. Still, it's no longer my problem, now is it? And for that I say REJOICE.

And here it is, up on the trailer, just prior to going away:

And now for the best part—feast your eyes on that big hunk of empty space. I don't think I have ever seen the garage look like that.

So that puts us at eleven rusty cars out of here, with fifteen left to go. Two more and we'll have gotten half of them out of here. Well, half of them counting from when I started this blog, anyway. If we start from the seventy-eight junk cars that were here when the yard was at its very worst in the mid 90s? That gives us sixty-three down, with fifteen to go. Which, doing the math out of curiosity, means we have gotten rid of 80.8% of the cars here since the mid 90s, and only have 19.2% of them left. That's pretty impressive, even if it's taken more than ten years now. So go us!

ETA: Swapped out the trailer picture because Tara sent me a better one. So if it looks different it's not you.

ETAA:Whoops, did the math wrong on that; I've fixed it above. I subtracted the eleven when it should have been the fifteen left.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Seriously, this calls for a celebration. I hope you two use some of the money you got to treat yourselves to something nice. Really nice.

Thalia said...

Ha! I just got back from buying flea medication and a scratching post. I did get some chocolate, too, but really, those kittens have me wrapped around their little pinkie toes. :)

Claire said...

Wait, did I read that right? You have an upstairs garage? Please don't tell my husband that such a thing exists.

Thalia said...

Yes, the house is built into a hill, so the garage is on two levels. As for your husband finding out, well, that's up to you Claire. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Just think, you now have space to sort and stage indoors with good access to loading for removal. Hopefully, this should help with any remaining items in the house.


SWMBO said...

I'm so impressed and happy for you ! You two just don't quit and for that you get high fives and all that good stuff !!

After following this blog for awhile now, I've become a wizz-bang thrower outer. Thanks for the motivation !

The Writing Goddess said...

Thrilled for your Triumphant moment. Awesome, just awesome.

Tell Rusty he's got to keep going, no sitting down on the couch with a bag of chips and the remote control.

Elizabeth said...

You and your sister inspire me SO MUCH! You have no idea how much clutter has left my house in Baton Rouge because of your continued inspiration. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

Rosa said...

HOORAY! The garage looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

wow.....just a WOW....Really, as another post person wrote....I too hope that you all are taking a moment or two and treating yourselves to something fun!!

a reader and mom of three in the chicago area who is fighting a pack rat gene....your blog kids would have no idea of why I would have saved some of the things I pondered keeping!!

Suella said...

Rejoice indeed. That motorcycle in the upstairs garage looks as if it would be worth money as well.

If you don't want to buy things maybe you should buy experiences. Theater, travel, ballet?

Or tuck it away for a rainy day when you might need some of it.

Congratulations for persevering with your clearing out and your blog.