Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Satellite Photo

Here's a satellite map of part of the yard, so you all can get a look. I'd date it to May 19-25 2010. I know it's 2010 because the brown and yellow bus is still there (the first car our Rusty took away, and one of the first things I reported here on Tetanus Burger); I can date it to that week because of the various things blooming/leafing out.

Which means that this photo dates from just before we started this blog.

There are quite a few cars there that have since left the property. The two Saabs behind the garage, for example. The bus, of course, has also gone, as has all the junk a little left and below the center; and that little enclosed area to the right of the shed is now empty, though one of the cars is still here, having been moved from where it was but not out yet.

Interesting, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

that is way cool....would be cool to see a photo from now a days to really get a sense of just what is gone.
amazing work you two have done!! love reading about it.

a reader from the chicago area

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT accomplishment Thalia and Tara. I have been a lurker here since you began this blog and I'm obsessed! I check in every several days HOPING to see an update. This is my first time posting. Ladies, you are an inspiration to all those COHs who find that the mountain is just to high to climb,'s not. Keep up the FANTASTIC work ladies!

Mel V. said...

Your work is visible by satellite! (Or would be, if you had a current photo.) Not sure how many people can say that. :-)

I've been following along for half a year or so. You guys rock, keep up the great work!

Suella said...

Well done indeed. That is an amazing number of cars taken away. Looking trough all your pictures I admire your determination and self control to take what you have off your property.

Looking forward to hear of more progress when it is appropriate.