Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rock On Gold Rust Women

Well, now that the weather is getting warmer and things are slowly turning green here at the Best Little Hoardhouse in Massachusetts, it's time once again to start ramping up the clean-up job. So today we made, guess what, another iron run.

This time the heavy bit on the bottom was this Saab engine that took a while to muscle into the back of ever-patient Larry the Volvo station waggon; on top of that was the ancient iron dolly-cart it rode in on. That was a bit of a problem, that dolly-cart; it was mostly nothing, but the structure of it was just huge and awkward, and of course still heavy; fitting everything in there for this load required a bit of puzzle-piecing it together. But we got it all in there, eventually.

The rest of the load was made up of some truly hideous jagged bits of rusty rust pulled (and Sawzalled) off of the rotting corpse of Genviève the Citroën; good Gods look at this nasty pile of stuff:

Don't let the heavenly-looking light fool you; this stuff was a clear and present danger, and bad-tempered to boot. But we made it through, thanks to luck and a stout pair of gloves each. Well, not that the gloves necessarily matched each other; I was lucky to find a couple of right ones, though we had about eight left gloves. I don't know where they go; probably a Universe parallel to the ones socks are sent to after being devoured by the washing machine, I imagine.

Here's the backed-out view; as I said, nasty stuff, and hopefully not too much damage to the headliner.

Both pictures by Tara, by the way.

This load came to 760 pounds, with a little aluminum (and everyone's favorite, 'irony aluminum' though don't ask me what's ironic about aluminum, I'm nowhere near hipster enough) and a bit of brass thrown in; that brings our total to 36,640 pounds of iron removed from this place starting about four years ago; or in tons, 18.32; it was our forty-third trip to the scrapyard.

Tara has already talked about this Triumph engine hanging out in the downstairs breezeway, to form the start of another iron run; so that should be happening fairly soon, probably next week, as both Tara and I are busy the rest of the week. Because yes, there is still more. Somehow.


Tonia said...

Do you think Larry wonders what the other cars did wrong to be sent to the scrapyard, and worries it will be his turn soon?

Thalia said...

Yeah, I think he's definitely a bit nervous in the scrapyard. I suppose we don't help when we say things like, "You'd better start up again Larry, unless you want to stay here..."

SWMBO said...

I just watched the video fro 1992. Don't know how I've missed it until now. It boggles the mind how much you two have accomplished. I'm sitting here angry for you and it's not even my mess. You get the olympic Gold Medal for all of your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Gold Rust Women---had to crack a smile at that!!

personally, I would call you two truly "Wonder Women".

I just can't fathom the amount of junk you have hauled off the property.

I have asked this before, I think: Have any neighbors complimented you two on how the property is cleaning up?

I loved the aerial view....gave me a really good idea of just how much has been done..

Any big plans for all the money you are bringing in from the scrapyard? Sure hope you two treat yourselves and your mom.....and find those missing gloves....and I hope your tetanus shots are current....just in case....

a reader from the chicago area who thinks you two rock---so rock on Gold Rust Women!!!!!!