Saturday, October 20, 2012

VW Show

Well, I never said I wasn't a procrastinator. Almost two weeks ago now we hied off to the annual old Volkswagen show up by the City. The weather wasn't bad or anything; though it was cloudy and a little chilly, it was definitely preferable to last year's ninety-degree-plus temperatures. Though mornings and me are probably always going to be incompatible.

Oh, speaking of incompatible: the new Blogger interface and my old Mac browser definitely fall under that heading, alas. I've had to figure out a workaround, but I've managed, though it involves, shudder, a goddamned PC. Oh Blogger. I'm beginning to hate you. Though not enough to switch to Wordpress.

Anyhoo. There we were again at the VW show with the ratty old Bus; and, once again, as soon as we started pulling stuff out of the Bus the insane hordes, I mean, old Volkswagen enthusiasts, swarmed over and started throwing money at us. The very first thing, actually, out of the Bus was a great big interior panel from I think another Bus, and as Tara was pulling it out and grumbling about how awkward the damned thing was to haul from show to show someone made an offer. It didn't even touch the ground.

I did most of the schlepping, as Tara had broken her foot. Now, if I were a cannier sort I'd probably have called Tara first and asked her How much is my silence worth to ya? but I'll tell you how she did it anyway for free, because that's what big sisters are for. She broke it go-go dancing on a table in a swim-up bar in eight-inch heels. In Jamaica. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? Well, it's up to you to judge whether I could make that up or not.

Anyway the VW show was considerably less exciting, even with Tara on a bit of Vicodin, which if I'm remembering correctly was what Greg House was addicted to.

So all these people came over and chatted about Volkswagens while I gritted my teeth and tried to be polite; I guess I faked it pretty well as they didn't stop buying things. Here's the spread. I swear, even though we sell stuff, and even though at the end of every show we toss a couple of boxes because we've consolidated the rest of the stuff, it never looks like any less:

So they bought a bit of stuff and we did pretty well, though not as well as that one crazy year. And we have another show, though it's a little one, on Sunday, so we'll see how that one goes. We also got plenty of requests for other stuff that we have but didn't bring with us, and sold I think a bumper or two in the week following; so it's all right. But it's a bit tiring. I'm kind of done with this Volkswagen stuff, honestly.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope that Jamaica story is true because I'd hate to think that your sister broke her ankle tripping over old car junk after all the work you and she have done to clean up.

Rosa said...

this is why i love your blog best: when other anti-hoard blogs go silent for a while, it usually means they're giving up. Yours means you've been busy kicking ass and getting rid of shit.

SWMBO said...

Why would we not believe your Jamaica story?

PS: Pictures would have been a nice touch. LOLROF !

Teresa said...

I'm sure you'll have one incredible party when you finally sell off the last of the VW parts! Your stories about trips to the scrapyard got me to start taking in my scrap metal as well - albeit in much tinier volumes than you two.

Beverly Diehl said...

I believed it all till I got to the eight inch heels. *co-worker walks past*

Okay, okay, I believe the eight inch heels.

Congrats on getting rid of a few more "treasures."

Becky said...

I love the Jamaica story and find it so over the top, it has to be true.

Anonymous said...

hey, I believe anything can happen when best friend literally dropped her white granny panties on the dance floor many years ago. She just hiked them up ever so discretely and I, being the best friend, did a wonderful spit take on her and laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Yes...we are still best friends.. We however, no longer go out dancing....

Thanks for the great Jamaica story!

And thanks for the update on the blog.

As long as you have the goods, I would still sell.
YES--it's hard work to load the bus, but it's all money in your pocket and that's got to make you feel better about the massive cleanup you two have being doing!

a reader in the chicago area

Wishing You Well said...

Coming from yet another hoarder's kid, you are such an inspiration! Have you thought about selling some VW parts in bulk to a resaler?

I Googled 'we buy vw parts' and came up with pages of results. If you add your state to the search, you might find a way to unload a good amount of your stash.