Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tetanus Burger 2012 Year-In-Review

Hey kids, it's that time again! Time for our annual round-up of what-all went away in the year freshly passed.

This year it's true we didn't get as much done as in years past; I think there are several reasons for that. One, it's just hard work and we're tired of it; two, we do actually have lives outside of cleaning up after our hoarder father; and three, I suspect that we've been doing jobs more or less in order of easy to difficult, meaning the things that are left are getting to be the problematic thorny sorts of things, or the ones that have been put off because X has to happen before Y can before Z, for example you can't really clean out something deep inside until you clean out the outside leading to it, that sort of thing. I mean maybe. On the whole it's all pretty problematic. Don't think, however, it's because we're running out of stuff to junk. Oh ho no.

Oh, also Larry, our redoubtable Volvo station waggon and our hitherto primary means of haulin', was out of commission for a time and a solution (i.e. a trailer) had to be figured out. That didn't help, I'm sure. Still, we did a fair amount of iron runs. Witness the below:

Given the trailer some of those were double loads, with both the trailer and the Bus filled up. All told it came to 5560 pounds of iron removed, or 2.78 tons, which is a little more than half last year's total.

As for cars leaving as per our Rusty's countdown, we only managed to get three out of here. We did, however, pass the half-way mark given the number that was here at the beginning of this blog and are down to eleven left, some of which are indoors and so not visible.

Good riddance, and Rusty say GOODBYE!

We also did several VW shows, which helped both get rid of stuff and put some cash in our pockets; I suppose I should mention that Tara has been quietly selling stuff on the side through ads on some VW fora, especially seats, which is good as they are kind of a pain to get rid of. (Basically they can go to the scrapyard with the iron, but you have to get them down to the metal; otherwise no one will take them.) So that's good too.

I wonder how long it will take to be done with this. It is such an odd idea, to someone who's lived here all my life (more or less); in some ways I simply cannot imagine this yard being clean. And while the goal is specific--to get the yard clean--I'm not sure I know what that means, or at least I don't know exactly the scope of the project, not really. We have just been cleaning whatever is there in front of us. There isn't really a set plan. Which can be fine; I mean obviously it's working. But I don't know what the real goal is, or how to really go about doing it, like with steps or markers for how far we've come and how far we have to go. I've been managing it a little, like with Rusty's countdown on the side, but that kind of goal-making is something that I think I was simply never taught, if not actively discouraged from learning. Because to a hoarder a clean yard or a clean house is an unthinkable horror. And part of keeping things as they are is to make sure the other people don't, or can't think of it either.

Hoarders are some nasty pieces of work.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Keep on truckin" or should I say "Keep on rusty car-in" if that makes any sense whatsoever. Happy New Year!

Tonia said...

I get a parasitic sense of accomplishment from reading this. My particular mess is no more organized than it was at the beginning of the year, but I bask in the glow of your getting stuff done.

Congratulations, not only on what you've managed to accomplish, but on keeping going, even as the going gets rougher. Always darkest before the dawn, and all that?

I love that you used the too-often-neglected "fora," too.

Thalia said...

Well 'forums' makes me kind of stabby; it just sounds SO wrong.

Rosa said...

the eyesores get less urgent, too, along with getting more difficult.

I am just, as always, impressed with how much you get done, and that you continue to do it while still having a life aside from this massive project. I know way too many children of hoarders who get bogged down in the hoard for years, never really making progress, letting it get in the way of the rest of their lives.

I have a friend whose hoarder parent is still hoarding, who has this huge dread of being responsible for the cleanup someday, and I send her here for cheering up every once in a while.

anotherkate said...

Is it weird that I think about coming to help you ladies out for a week? It is weird, isn't it. It's just that there is so little scope for my obsessive desire to purge in my current place, so the idea of coming over & helping to throw stuff OUT (or recycle) practically makes me salivate. But don't worry, I live in Cali so it'll never happen.

R said...

Your use of "fora" has cured me of my lurker-dom. Love it! My dad's hoard has gone up and down over the years and even at its worst was no where near as extensive as the one you have been working on.

Best of luck in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

You have accomplished something wonderful ~ YOU HAVE MANAGED TO CONTINUE TO EXCAVATE!!!! That is an amazing accomplishment in my opinion. I am SO proud of you both!

Anonymous said...

Fora! I never knew!

Teresa said...

I love hearing about your tonnage. I'm sure my father has a few tons of old appliances - thank goodness he hasn't really gotten into cars!

Becky said...

There are many of us out there trying to deal with messes our parents left behind, with skills they didn't teach us. Congrats on what you've accomplished so far. It's incredible.