Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Progress Report

So let's see how we did with those March goals of cleaning up that area in the back from the downstairs garage to the shed, including that woodpile(s). No, we didn't get everything done; but still we did get quite a bit accomplished.

We did another couple of burns (I think; they're all starting to blur together) and will need to do one more, probably, for that area (though we still have stuff in other parts of the yard that will also need to be lit on fire).

Let's look at some befores and afters; I'll start with the original panorama from early March and compare it to the one I took today. That weird black presence in the middle is the shadow of a tree; it's kinda spooky, isn't it?

Then from the south:

Number Seventy-Five there, or how do you say, Numéro Soixante-Quinze is what's left of an old Citroën DS, which Tara helpfully labelled Le Général de Gaulle on the roof in spray paint. Alas, the horn does not play the first few bars of La Marseillaise, although I suppose you could just blast the intro to All You Need Is Love, I mean, not that it's got a radio. Or a horn. Or a floor.

It's all ready to go, whenever the junk guys can be arsed to call Tara back, that is.

We threw away plenty of trash, of course, and will still need to do a tire run; also we're getting towards being able to do another iron run as well. I haven't had any luck finding someone who recycles concrete, though; the place I called didn't seem to want to call me back, either.

Now, fair enough, this was going to depend on the weather, and well, March both came in and went out in a roaringly leonine manner, even passive-aggressively spilling over into April with a snowstorm on the first, no fooling. Driving by the local elementary school the other day the readerboard sign out front said:



So altogether I think we did pretty well, and that damned woodpile is finally history; at any rate we're just going to continue on with this part of the yard. Momentum, you know.

I mean, assuming it's actually going to get warmer somewhere in here...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very impressive before-and-after photos! I never even noticed the car in the "before" photos.

Thalia said...

Yeah well that's because it was completely obscured by the wood pile! :)