Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, I know I've been saying this for ages now, but I think finally this time it's the last of the tires. I mean not that I'd be all that surprised if we uncovered a couple more here and there; I mean I do know how these things go by now. Also, there are a few axle-type contraptions kicking about that still have the wheels with tires on them, and the guys at the junkyard have been known to grouse about that a bit and then take some off the total, so it may be best to remove them and get rid of them ourselves. Still, this load of tires in the back of Tara's new bug will at least do it for that area over by the shed. So yay!

So that is (again, in theory) the last dozen tires we've got. Out of how many, I don't know. Several years back we had a full gross, yes, one hundred and forty-four of the damned things set aside to be picked up. Those went (though not by the people who were supposed to get them, the bastards), but there have been many many more since. Several loads of from a dozen to something like twenty I'd guess in the back of Larry the Volvo station waggon just since we've started this blog back in June. And before that there were plenty other trips to the dump (sorry, Recycling Center) that did not include the gross of them. So if I had to guess how many tires we've gotten out of here it's something like two hundred fifty, three hundred? I might be low-balling that, too, who can even tell. Though given the way I tend to minimize things like oh I don't know achievements, it might realistically be rather higher.

At any rate the fuckers are gone, and good riddance.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

*shakes fist at tires* And don't come back!

The Writing Goddess said...

What Debra said.

WV: ooscon - ooscon? Tires, that's ooscon. (cheering)