Friday, May 3, 2013

The Big Five Oh

Yes, that's right—it's the long-awaited iron run number fifty. Yes, that's five-zero, as in fifty times we have brought a load of iron from this yard to be scrapped.

I'm afraid this is going to be rather anti-climactic.

First of all, it wasn't we this time. We had talked about doing a run a couple days after the show; to that end Tara came by earlyish Wednesday. But I think she really only pulled out a couple more things; for the most part she just took the trailer full of stuff she had filled up for the show and drove it straight to the junkyard. Behold:

She didn't even bother getting me, as I wasn't ready and my putting on some shoes was too much hassle when she could just drive off. So she went without me. I didn't even know she'd done an iron run until she came back and handed me some cash. How's that for a milestone?

Gosh. I'm all broke up to miss that.

And yes, Numero Fifty or no, there's still plenty more, especially given that Tara now knows that old doors and hoods and such are not worth saving. That can just all go, which is good.

So it was a pretty light load, as doors and hoods and such are bulky but mostly hollow, as well as awkward, and only came to four hundred and twenty pounds worth. Still, that brings the total up to 41,400 pounds of iron taken out of here, or 20.7 tons. And again, there's still more. I have no idea how many iron runs it will actually take to clean this place out. I really don't. I sort of can't fathom it. Any guesses? Should we start taking bets?


TC said...

60 more?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Keep on eating that elephant one bite at a time! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

just like the little that could....We think we can clean the clutter...we think we can clear the clutter...

once again admiring you two and your skills...
and your tenacity to make a suburban lot look nice for the neighbors (and your own family)

a reader cheering you on from the chicago area

Anonymous said... interrupted when typping....

the Little Engine That Could!!!

jees...sorry about that...

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, people in my area sometimes build firewood platforms with concrete blocks. The ground around here is nearly always damp. By putting down pallets or (preferably) concrete blocks in a long, narrow rectangle (preferably) beneath an overhanging deck or high porch, people can keep air circulating through the entire pile while keeping it relatively dry. If no deck or porch is available, securely strapped tarps will do in a pinch. If you have a woodstove or fireplace, this may be a way to use up those concrete block.

Note, however, that we don't worry about anything that might move into the holes in those blocks because the local critters aren't venomous or rabid.

Steve Miller said...

Dear friends,

Not to make light of hoarding, but did you see:

A little sugar, someone once told me, helps the medicine go down. Hope you enjoy this.

And keep up the good work!