Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen!

I can't get over how useful blogs are. Because yesterday I kept thinking about how I'd like to be able to put another blog post up here at Tetanus Burger. But I didn't have anything to show, really. So I went looking around the house for something to clean. Which, let me say, is deeply uncharacteristic of me. No, I'm not myself a hoarder, but neither am I exactly a neat freak. But I found a residual hoarding spot within the house that hadn't been hit, a bookcase full of my father's crappy WWII books. Including several volumes of Ballentine's History of WWII, which, checking Amazon, sell used for like $2, if you're lucky, and include a book written by one David Mason, who I could have sworn was the guitarist for Traffic. Anyway, out they went! Auf Wiedersehen, old dusty Nazi books!


It is such a wonderful feeling to throw things away.


nicknamehere said...

Your blog is great. I have a similar goal for my mother's house - I want to get the bottom floor cleaned out by the end of summer. Keep updating and please include before and after pictures when possible - they inspire me!

Thalia said...

Good luck to you, and will do with the before and after shots when I can. It's very satisfying to see how far you've come.

Thalia said...

I don't know if you're still checking here in this comment thread, but I've added a 'before and after' tag, to help identify posts with b & a pictures. That oughtta help.