Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bye Bye Bus!

Why hello there! Look who's here—our new mascot. What, he doesn't look familiar? You must not be of an age. Those of us who grew up in the 70s know exactly who this tow-headed cow-licked be-suspendered redhead with the pornstache is, and we also remember his catchy little jingle (sing it with me):

Hello Rusty Jones; goodbye rusty cars!

That last bit being our new motto round here.

So here is the rusty car that is scheduled to go goodbye! sometime tomorrow around noonish, Gods willing:

I believe it was once a VW bus, but don't quote me on that. Check out what's left of that groovy 70s brown and yellow paint job! You just know Rusty would've approved.

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hollydolly3398 said...

Pornstache, hee hee, me likey. I am of an age but I don't know the guy. God bless you both for what you are taking on, I can't even imagine. My sis and I will have enough on our hands just with Mom's 2500 square foot home (plus 2 car garage, storage unit(s) and over-grown backyard, shudder) I gave up on being able to do it while she's alive as I have resigned myself to the reality that she will die in her hoard. It's so sad but what can ya do? She's 77 and NOT about to change her ways. Anyhoo, I'm rootin' for you ladies... ~Holls~