Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here's one of the things we did today: we got rid of (another) fifteen old rusty-rimmed mosquito-breeding tires. I'm not sure how many we've gotten rid of so far, but a few years ago we had a full gross of the things in the side yard to be picked up by the tire guys. That's right, one-hundred-and-forty-four of the damned things. And that was years ago now--since then we've made numerous additional trips to tire places, or the dump, and gotten rid of many, many, more. I'd guess easily another hundred.


Larry the Volvo all loaded up:

And the best photo of all: the beautiful beautiful after shot:



Tara said...

Ah, I remember the 144 tires waiting for the tire guy to pick them up. There's a little story to that. Years ago, we gathered up all the bald tires and called a place. They didn't want to bother to come up for 20 tires. Said they'd only come for like 100, since they had a huge truck.

Well, so we put 144 out there, and they come and take like 50. Guess they were hoping that some of them would be sell-able as used tires or on alloy rims or something.

Sorry to disappoint you, Tire Place that Escapes My Name Right Now.. They're just bald, 40 year old bias ply tires. And we're paying you to take them away, you shouldn't complain!

nicknamehere said...

I love before-and-after pics! I try to do them myself but I'm usually too impatient to begin and don't know quite what I'll be dejunking til halfway through so I barely remember to do them myself. But kudos to you for doing them!