Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Scraptastic!

Did another iron run today, though we hadn't sorted or cleared anything out beforehand. Tara, in fact, was rather doubtful that we'd even be able to get enough together without some deeper preliminary sorting. I wasn't, because I at least know that there is always more. And sure enough there was still plenty of stuff just laying around outside and in obvious places to make a respectable iron run out of. Here's the usual Larry shot (and, yes, we were very appreciative today that he has heat, and good heat at that):

When we got around to the back of the scrapyard and the huge pile of iron (just one, incidentally, of the many huge piles of junk they have there that turn over so fast that even going there on consecutive days the place is always different) the guy there, who evaluates and then I guess radios back up to the front what people unload, and with whom we've had some minimal conversations before, asked in disbelief Is this all from that one house still? And we had to answer, Why yes, yes it is.

So we brought another nine hundred pounds even of iron to the scrapyard today; that brings the totals now to 24,840 pounds, or 12.42 tons of iron removed from the property since we've been keeping track. Yes, we hit twelve tons today.

And... well, you know what I was going to say, don't you?


Sid said...

My goodness. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

No, I don't know what you were going to say - was it something like, "Oh, the irony of it all"?

Er, sorry. I always like hearing another chapter of your story, as I married a man who was apparently not quite so big a collector as your dad, but I was lucky in that we came to a parting of the ways before it got to twelve tons of iron ...

Thalia said...

Ha! No, it was the usual there's always more.

Perfectly Awful said...

Truly scraptastic, indeed.

Maybe you should start a pool, for the final weighed amount of metal - 48 tons? 51? 63? Might be fun to see which of your fans come closest without going over.