Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Tetanus Burger 2010 Year-In-Review

Well that's probably a bit of a pretentious title, especially given that we only started the blog in June; still, it seemed a good idea to make a post of what-all we've got done in 2010, with pictures and everything, so that we (and you) can see right there in front of us, on 'paper' as it were, all we did. We are, I am, I think, not used to even being able to make progress; so setting it down as undeniable reality is a very useful and encouraging thing.

We'll start with the cars, with Rusty's countdown. The original idea behind all this clean-up was specifically to get the yard clean, as that is the visible part (well, visible to people who don't live here, anyway). I had originally (ha!) set the deadline for the end of the year, but, really, I kinda knew that wasn't going to happen, as we would have had to get rid of one car a week (and that's not even considering the rest of the stuff in the yard). At any rate, though, such high ideals very much did get the whole project kick-started.

So there were twenty-six cars in the yard, garage, and various outbuildings when we started all this; there are now twenty-one. Here they are put together in a lovely end-of-year montage. You'll have to imagine the suitably poignant, yet nevertheless inspiring music, perhaps 'We Are The Champions' by Queen. Although, 'Junk' by Paul McCartney is really more like it:

That's right, Saabs (and the lone Volkswagen): Rusty say GOODBYE!

And here are the pictures that really bring it on home how much progress we've made, and how much space we've cleared, gathered up in a before and after set. It's not all of it, either, as I didn't get photos of everything. Even so, it's an impressive array. Music to play in your head for this set: 'Take Out The Trash,' by They Might Be Giants.

And then there were all the iron and 'precious' metal runs. Here are all the butt-end of Larry pictures, (with and without bumper) with the occasional new Beetle and old Bus included, gathered up into one. Theme music for this montage: 'Iron Man', by Black Sabbath. Of course.

That's a lot of iron hauled. Let's see just how much, shall we?

I've found sixteen receipts for iron and precious metals, though I could only find fourteen pictures; probably I've missed one, or the iron/precious metals were doubled up in one load here and there. So in 2010, in the 'precious' metals category, we got rid of:

255 pounds of motors
178 pounds of sheet aluminum
142 pounds of batteries
124 pounds of brass
114 pounds of copper wire
42 pounds of irony aluminum
22 pounds of stainless steel
21 pounds of magnesium
19 pounds of lead
15 pounds of copper
4 pounds of iron on brass
And a catalytic converter in a pear tree

Well, okay, more like buried by leaves under a catalpa tree. Still, close enough.

And the total for the iron part of it all:

12,260 pounds, or 6.13 tons since about June of this year. Let's call that something like a ton a month removed. That's pretty freakin' impressive.

And even more impressive: $1724.32 just for the iron. When we include all the cars hauled away and what we made at that Volkswagen event in October it comes to a total of $3321 (and thirty-two cents).

Wow. It can be done.


Sid said...

What a legacy. Good work, girls!

Anonymous said...

Not sure "wow" covers it, but really: Wow. This poor patch of land is very grateful to you.

The Writing Goddess said...

You two have MUCH to be proud of. Congratulations - cheering you on all the way!!

Suella said...

Having read your entire blog, I stand very humbled by what you and your sister have been prepared to take on.

Many would have had to walk away, daunted by the scale of the task.

You are building a wonderful set-up for yourselves and your mother through such amazing hard work and perserverence. It isn't as though you have been dealing with light items either. I do hope your backs are holding up, and you have some help with the heavy lifting?

I'm sure you must be very proud of what you are doing for your mother, the historic house and site and yourselves. The perspective of the work you've done over this year must give you impetus and incentive to continue.

Many congratulations! You inspire me to deal with my decluttering which is in no way comparable to your mammoth task.

Donna said...

A spa day is in order for you guys. I mean, *spa month.* year?
I need one after just reading your review.

How you find the emotional energy to write about it after living it, I don't know...
Like a previous poster said, "wow."


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I have to say I love the "Therapist Approved" by your blog title!

The two of you have done an amazing job! To say it's been incredibly difficult emotionally and physically is an understatement, I'm sure.

As raw and honest as you've been with your emotions on your blog, it has been such a huge motivation to keep plugging away at my own mess. I don't want to do to my children or husband with my hoarding what your father has done to you. Thank you for your brutal honesty in dealing with everything. It needs to be heard.

Wishing you both nothing but the best for 2011!

Elaine said...

This is absolutely amazing! You girls should be extremely pleased with the fruits of your labor.

anon4once said...

Thank you so much for writing this up - accomplishments, rage, humor, all of it.

I have a friend who I'm pretty sure is a hoarder. Every time I am tempted to give up helping her with her attempts to stem the tide of junk, I think of her kids growing up and having to do this, and it keeps me going.

Anonymous said...

Everything you two girls have done is nothing short of amazing and miraculous. I check your blog every day, and I love your intelligent and witty writing style. The photos are excellent, and the progress you made on the cellar, shop and breezeway... sheer joy!

I hope you are both coping well with the long winter, and that you've taken many hot showers and turned up the thermostat to your heart's content!

All the best to both of you and your mom in 2011.