Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well look what I made. This, my friends, is called reclaiming.

They're from a Martha Stewart recipe, these gingersnaps. I figured if there's anyone out there who knows about making a home comfortable, and comforting, it's going to be her. I mean, ignoring the part about how she's probably been patiently constructing an evil empire and has plans to take over the world someday (though she'll probably have to fight Oprah for it) old Martha does know how to cook. They've got fresh ginger in them, rather a lot; they even have a little bit of freshly ground black pepper, for just the right amount of bite. The molasses in them turns them practically into candy, and they've got a really good crunch. And I'm no slouch myself when it comes to baking. They are neither overcooked nor undercooked; they are just right, as Baby Bear would say. So these are really quite excellent gingersnaps, I'm sure.

And this was going to be all about reclaiming something, and taking a bad old memory and triumphantly turning it inside out and making it mine; except, except.

I took one bite and just went blech. Because it turns out I just don't like gingersnaps.

Ah well. I guess that's good to know.


Anonymous said...

You tried making real gingersnaps, went to quite a lot of work from the sound of it, and now you know: it wasn't only the cheapness of the cookie and all the baggage that carried, it was the cookie itself.

Freedom quite often lies in such knowledge. It's not just his house and grounds you are freeing of your father's influence, it's your own psyche.

Congratulations! That's a nice holiday gift to give to give yourself.

Sid said...

Maybe you'd like the gingerBREAD?

The Writing Goddess said...

Good for you for making the effort, and learning just a LEETLE bit more about yourself.

From my particular POV - I don't *want* crisp cookies, yuck, no matter what flavor they are. Crisp is for potato chips and crackers and fried fish.

Cookies should be soft and chewey - Mrs. Fields rather than Oreos or biscotti, thank you very much! (although obviously some people prefer 'em that way. Weirdos!)

So Cal Peeper said...

ah, gingersnaps. I actually like the things.

to digress, the first internet thread I read in regards to a hoarder came out almost 10 years ago - I don't even think the problem had a name back then - this fellow wrote about his mom's problem, complete with pictures on, of all places, Something Awful. It was pretty funny and sad at the same time.

Someone resurrected the posting, and it's here, if you're interested:

Copious_Amounts said...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans know that Martha Stewart is, in fact, a witch: because "nobody could do that much decoupage without calling on the powers of darkness."

If you look at it the way that the Buffy writers did, Martha Stewart's works are all an elaborate magic trick. There's no perfect home, yada, yada.

On a related note, the ginger snaps you baked LOOK fabulous. They've got that lovely thin and crispy look to them. But, since you now know that you just don't like ginger snaps, those cookies' beautiful looks might as well be some kind of elaborate magic trick.

Congrats on the baking and Merry Christmas.

(If you're not already a Buffy fan - and you think you might get even an inkling of entertainment from such a show - I highly suggest you watch a few episodes.)