Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lucky Thirteen Scrap Run

We've spent the last couple days in the cellar consolidating the hundreds (I feel quite safe using that number in a completely non-exaggeratory way) of tools; and so by today we had enough for another iron run, if a smallish one. There is also a pile somewhere out in the yard of scrap that we put aside a couple months ago, but damned if we could find it today. It's still all a blanket of white out there. Well, the stuff's kind of whitish, anyway.

Yet another butt-end-of-Larry shot:

Those bins are really rather heavier than you'd think. Tara and I were trading verses of 'Living With A Hernia', by, who else, the incomparable Weird Al as we were hauling them around; I'm pretty sure though there were no major injuries, though perhaps I should hold off saying that till I get out of bed tomorrow.

Like I said, it was a smallish run today (and the scrapyard was rather muddy), for another 660 pounds of iron removed from the property. That brings the total up to 26,260 pounds or a superstitious 13.13 tons of iron taken out of here since March 2008, and puts us at our 30th freakin' trip to the scrapyard.

Yep, still more out there.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Why am I hearing Tennessee Ernie Ford? "You haul 13 tons and whaddya get?" Money from the scrap man, woo hoo!

Elaine said...

Wow! It's unbelievable how much you girls have already done! I hope all your burdens feel lightened with every scrap run.

Anonymous said...

What do the guys at the scrap yard say? I can only assume (ya, I know what it means) that there is no limit to the amount of STUFF you two bring in.

How money have you reaped from these hauls to date and what is your plan for the funds?

Love reading this blog....I really enjoy your style of writing!!

a reader from the Chicago are

Dave said...

I had a scoutmaster who had one of those mirrors, its actually from WW-II (at least he said it was)

Not surprising on the bolt size, bolts probably descended from screws and those are still measured by the shaft diameter.