Friday, February 11, 2011

What is THAT? Bendy Wrench Edition

Wow. Everyone proved so helpful on that last installment of What is THAT? that now I have a genuine question (well, not that the last odd tool wonderings weren't genuine): what are these?

Well, yes, they are some kind of wrench, okay, that's pretty obvious. They came out of one of the four drawers of wrenches in toolbox #1 in the cellar. But why are they all bendy-wiggley like that? They must be specific to something, but what? There are more of them than just the seven here, mind you (well I mean duh). Tara, who knows a thing or two about things of this nature, can't figure them out.

What are these?


Anonymous said...

Bendy wrenches for wrenching rounds corners & in spaces where straight wrenches won't fit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't it obvious? They're dancing! Reminds me of how Snoopy danced in the old Peanuts TV specials.

Claire said...

Also known as an S wrench.

This is fun. Let's keep playing!

Sid said...

Kokopelli wrenches, of course. And it's certain they were a steal.

Claire said...

Ha, Debra, I thought they looked like dancing devils all lined up like that.

Jennifer said...

Maybe they're doing some sort of mating dance? Which is why you've ended up with so many of them.

Anonymous said...

These are curved like an "S" to give you access to tight places where a straight wrench would not fit. My dad had several of these and they came in quite handy.

Congratulations on all the hard "excavation work" you two have done. It is very inspiring to me!


Anonymous said...

"This drawer was meant for me!" the wrench cried, and slipped into the crevice.

Years later it was found in another drawer... changed.

Anonymous said...

About that last comment: The anon is quoting from "The Enigma of Amigara Fault," which, unless you have a strong stomach, really, really, don't read it. It's online. It's a graphic novel. Don't read it.

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Thalia said...

Hey I don't want none of that Elder Gods gobbledygook on my site so you can move right on along anon. I like my geometry nice and Euclidean thank you very much.