Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Empty Bookcase Pictures

Got my camera back today, so I've been able to get some after pictures finally, though of course I didn't get the befores, and I do apologize. I took these without the flash so some of them are fairly grainy and dark; I ran them through Photoshop but they really don't have to be perfect quality, do they. (I have to say though I am a little suspicious about the camera, even though it works perfectly fine now—when I sent my camera off it had a rather distinct dent in it which has somehow completely vanished; also I got it back with an old piece of masking tape covering the brand name on the front which was not something I put there. Yes, the serial number is the same, but then again it's only on a sticker, not engraved into the case or anything. Odd. But it works, so I'm not really complaining.)

So. Bookcases. In the last couple of weeks I believe I've made four runs to the dump to dispose of books. Behold the nearly empty living room bookcase (what's left are actually ones that are worth keeping):

And the one in the hallway by the phone (the excess and outdated phone books will go with the next batch of recycling). We finally have a space to put vases of flowers where the cat can't reach them (it is a cherished hobby of his to eat cut flowers, then throw them up):

A couple from the piano room. That empty space with the bench and the lamp is not only a space that is now devoid of books, it is also now devoid of the bookcase that was there:

And the last one, on the attic stairs. This is opposite the one that had held all those dusty Nazi books not too long ago:

That's a lot of books that have gone, and a lot of empty space, which honestly I'm not entirely sure what to do with now. But so many of them were musty moldy things, so they would have had to go anyway. I think I am going to wash down the interior of each of the cases that remain, then paint the insides, to seal off any residual mustiness. The attic stairs/hallway I think I'm going to paint entirely, in a color of my choosing, since both my bedroom and studio room are on that floor.

A coat of paint really does work wonders.


Perfectly Awful said...

Greetings Thalia & Tara! I can tell you've still got some livin' with an OCPDr scars, since first you start off apologizing for the lack and then the quality of the pictures. It's all good. :-) The pictures you're sharing are great, and the fact that you're sharing your thoughts & all the pictures you have so far is wonderful.

Just wanted to say hi from a fan, who understands a little bit of what you are going through, though my OCPDr is my (possibly soon-to-be-ex) boyfriend, rather than a parent.

Thalia said...

Well I am an artist too, so I can get finicky about pictures. :) But yeah, I'm quite sure I've got plenty of scars that I am not even aware of.

Elaine said...

Good lord, Thalia, my parents were "normal" and I've got scars and things that I'm still dealing with (I'm almost 62 years old).

I admire you, your sister, and Perfectly Awful more than I can say.

I would have just walked away and let the county deal with it.

I know this comment is late, but I hope you see it.

Thalia said...

Thank you, Elaine.

And yes I do see all comments, as I've got it set so they are emailed to me.