Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye Rusty Sven

It's Rusty Jones time! And you know what that means, don't you, boys and girls? That's right, another one of those old rusty cars has left the property, leaving a lovely empty space behind. Ahhh, empty spaces.

This time, however, was a little different. Now I won't say this car wasn't a rusty pile of rust; however, this one was not so far gone that it had to be hauled out in pieces, nor did it have to be towed away. This old Saab (named Sven, and no, I'm not making that up), in fact, was actually driven out of the yard.

After some futzing with a clutch line that didn't want to bleed, Tara actually got the thing drivable. Or, drivable enough to take it over to her place, where she can then fix it up or do whatever she likes with the thing. The salient point being, from the point of view of this yard, that it is not here.

Behold! Here it is in the side yard (which is the sort of 'on deck' location, where cars pulled out from wherever they were originally hang out before they can be hauled away for good):

And here is Sven being driven away (you can tell it's an action shot because it's blurry):

And the lovely empty space left behind in the side yard (well, empty save for, what is that, an empty milk bottle? which has since been cleaned up):

Now, okay, fair enough, those before and afters are not quite indicative of the real state of the yard, as it's really the 'on deck' spot being filled and emptied repeatedly; however, here is a shot of the spot where it was. I'm afraid I didn't get a before of this one, but as you can see two cars have recently been pulled out from behind the fence, one of which was this green Saab (the other is still waiting in the side yard to be hauled off itself).

Yes, there are still another four Saabs sitting there, tangled in the jewelweed and goldenrod; but progress is progress.

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