Saturday, September 18, 2010

Save Yourselves!!!

Came across this little picture today whilst surfing and let out a scream! It's not just me! This is irrefutable proof that National Geographics are evil! Evil evil EVIL!! See how they menace nearly the entire state of Ohio and parts of Michigan and Ontario too!?!?!

Run for your lives, Ohio and Michigan and Ontario!

Well we did our part yesterday. Tara took another several piles of the things, which had been in the upstairs garage, home with her to sort and/or toss. We also went through some books in the garage proper, which are loaded up again in the back of Larry, and which hopefully tomorrow I will be able to drop off at the dump, er, recycling center. Tara took before-and-after shots with her phone, since I don't have a camera. Boy it sure would be nice to see some pictures, wouldn't it? (Hint, hint, hint.)


Rosa said...

Two years ago we got my partner's mom National Geographic for Christmas. Then we kept getting mail from them all the time and he kept wistfully saying "we could get this, you know..." I argued for months that couldn't we just get the hand me downs from his mom or another friend (whose living room at that point was stacked with Natl Geos, art and tattoo magazines, and books about crazy people.)

Finally I broke down and let him subscribe for his birthday last year. He's always 3 or 4 months behind reading them but won't let me donate them til he's read every article. Last week after you posted about them, I got out the basket of unread magazines and there were 8 national geos. He managed to read them all in a week, once I told him they were going in my next thrift store run whether he'd read them or not.

They are insidious. Thank you for helping me stay on top of the invasion!

Thalia said...

Glad to help!

Went to drop off all those books at the dump today and what do I find? Stacks and stacks of National Geographics, left there by somebody else in town. Eerie.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. My ex was/ is a hoarder, and I'm still scraping the house back together three years after he moved out. And I've learned that after living with him for ten years and dealing with the futility of ever trying to have a clean house, I have to re-teach myself how to throw stuff into the nice, friendly trash can.

But it gets really fun pitching all the junk. Thank God.

Veronica said...

Nobody will take Nat Geos. I tried to get them out of my mom's house in Illinois a few years ago, and called around to the charity stores, the public library, the nursing homes, the schools... every place you can think of... no one will take them. Your weather-map Nat Geo is hilarious!

You probably already know this, but another impossible thing to donate is a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. All this paper that we thought was soooo precious... and it all just ends up at the recycling center.

I just discovered your blog tonight, and I am loving it so much. The way you describe your dad... I keep thinking "OMG, we have the same father." My situation growing up was eerily similar to yours. I am 55 now, my dad's been gone for 30 years, and yet I am still dealing with all his stuff and that crazy house and my shell-shocked mom.