Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I probably shouldn't have even opened the door, but I was pretty sure it was in there. My old flute, that is, the one I played in middle and high school. I needed it because I'm on a wicked prog-rock kick right now; and how can I really do that up properly without my old flute to (attempt to, ha) play along with 'Supper's Ready' or 'The Cinema Show'? Air flute is just not going to cut it. Trust me, it looks really dorky.

I won't say I was being brave. After all, I'd been in that closet under the eaves not all that long ago. And there, sure enough, under a layer of shoes, was my flute, yay!

But then my eyes wandered over to the side all innocent-like and THERE THEY WERE!!!

(Press the play button below for full effect.)

Oh arrrrggggh.


Anonymous said...

What? What am I not seeing?

Thalia said...

Oh I don't know it's not like I haven't already taken carload after carload after carload of musty dusty old moldy books to the dump or anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that. LOL. I was looking for vermin. The books are just . . . so typical. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

The best thing in this picture is the antique book with the can of paint sitting on it. For some reason that just perfectly captures the hoarder mentality to me.