Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Scrap!

Took that load of iron to the scrapyard today, and was given another chunk of cash for it, which is most excellent. Here's Larry all loaded up:

Though I have to say, being at that place makes our mess seem very small indeed. Though I suppose they're professionals, aren't they. Check out their pile of iron:

I think these are transmissions? It's some kind of ginormous pile of engine parts anyway:

All told it was another 1160 pounds of iron taken off the property, which brings our grand total to 15,720 pounds or 7.86 tons. And we loaded Larry up when we got home yet again, for another run tomorrow.

We have been so busy that I haven't had space to get a good set of after photos in daylight yet, since by the time it's done it's really too dark to get them. But after pictures of the garage are on my to-do list, that is for certain, and soon.

When we loaded up Larry again today we obliterated that freestanding cart o' junk that had been out by the shop. I did get a picture of that. Here's the before, from the other day:

And the after:


I am so tired now; but it's a really good tired.

More work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow, good work! That was an ugly pile of junk. I'm also horribly fascinated by the pile o' car parts at the junk dealer's place. It looks like Borg zombies waiting to come to life or something. *shudder*

Dave said...

So how much is that 7.86 tons in terms of dough-ray-me.

Congrats on the table thing-a-bob. That seemed like low hanging fruit.

Rosa said...

Oh man, that reminds me of the salvage by the Forevertron park - that guy is totally a hoarder (his first brush with the law over his salvage operations happened when he was a teenager) but also an amazing artist, with access to salvage from the Circus Museum and a bunch of industrial sites because he ran the salvage yard for decades.

Going to House on the Rock and the Forevertron is like a hoard art submersion program - and Tom Early had a hand in both.

Thalia said...

$1430 so far, adding it up from the receipts.

Rosa said...

Holy moly! It's a tremendous amount of work but that's real cash.

Tara said...

It's pretty cool that those trips yielded cash. But way back in the 90's Dad would scrap cars and maybe get like $10 per car. And ever as recently as back in 2003-2008 (when we were scrapping cars left and right) the junkyard was not giving us a dime for them, mostly because they didn't have paperwork I guess.