Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop Work

Just a quick note because it's late and I'm really freakin' tired right now; since today Tara and I spent a full eight hours going through stuff in the shop and then, when it got dark, the garage, in preparation for another iron run, hopefully tomorrow. Here are some befores and afters of the shop. I'm waiting to get the afters for the garage in daylight tomorrow, and after we get the stuff that's set to go out of there (since we've learned our lesson not to load up the car if Mom needs to use it, which she does again tomorrow).

So here are a couple of befores of the shop. They don't quite line up with the afters, but you can still get a good idea of the progress we made:

And the after. It was starting to get dark, so the picture isn't the greatest, but you can still see well enough:

And the pile of metal to go to the scrapyard:


Dave said...

Nice Job,

As someone who cleaned out a clutterer who mostly saved light stuff, I have enormous respect for how much steel and metal you get rid of. It must be a ton of work clear all of that stuff one car-load at a time.

Do you get any money for the scrap you drop off at the junk yard?

Maybe you could get a dumpster to chuck the scrap in and get rid of it one dumpster at a time?

Thalia said...

Thank you.

Yes we do get money for the scrap. We've rented a dumpster in the past for stuff like wood and homasote and non-metal stuff. Dumpsters though we have to pay for.

I think it's about as much work to take it one car-load at a time, as far as the pulling it out and sorting parts go. We still have to go through everything, and that's the bulk of the work.

I don't know. It's hard to know, since we've been trained to assume the hard way is the only way. I think it's worth it though with the money we get.

Perfectly Awful said...

Sometimes I look at your pictures and wonder - how could only one person gather all that crap in only one lifetime?

Gladys said...

I'm reading your blog back from the beginning (again, 2nd? 3rd? time) because I just really like your story - and the progress.

BUT - looking at these pictures at what can only be considered 'almost the beginning' as far as readers are concerned (not you both's actual START to this horrific project) - looking at all of this just makes me ache. Not like, heart ache, lol - but seriously my arms, my back, my fingers, my BRAIN all ache thinking of how. many. things. y'all had to touch, 4 or 5 times, before it left your home.

Touch, move, haul, drag, lift, pull, wrench on... and then behind/under THAT there was always more. Maybe it's because I've seen the progress and the current pics (as of 2014 at this point) - I see how far you've come. And the PILES OF STUFF and tons of metal that you have found and sorted and moved and hauled. Not to mention, none of it was soft and pretty, like maybe a fabric hoard or something. All of it (I am assuming, lol) was greasy, rusty, dusty, dirty, HEAVY smelly rotted stuff... I weep.

But I never sensed real despair from this blog - moments of exhaustion sure, but you both just kept (keep) going. You really are heroes.

You two have written a great story here - one that I come back to often. Thank you. I hope everything is going well for you these days!