Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Ton Iron Run

Another day, another iron run. This one was extra-special, though, because we topped ten tons!! I mean, counting the ones we have receipts for, anyway. Even if all the receipts are accounted for (and I suspect there are a couple missing), before we realized we could take the stuff to the scrapyard and get $$$ for it we used to just bring it by the carload to the dump. (Sorry, 'recycling center.' It's all gotten so hoity-toity around the neighborhood.) So we've really gotten rid of far more, probably something like double, maybe. And that's not counting the cars themselves.

Here's poor dear Larry, all loaded up. His muffler fell off somewhere along the way, too. He needs a bit of TLC, methinks.

So here's the grand total: we are now up to 20,540 pounds, or 10.27 tons, and a total of 23 accounted-for trips to the scrapyard for iron. We plan on a couple more this week, though, because:

There's still more.


Copious_Amounts said...

Is there an appropriate congratulations term for this milestone?

You know, kind of like a cleaning-up-after-hoarders equivalent of "break a leg," for live theatre?

I offer up congratulations. :-)

Thalia said...

I don't know what the term is; we'll have to make it up I guess. We have to make up a lot of terms, we children of hoarders, don't we? Since no one else has yet.

And thank you!